24 Perfect Outfits & Accessories For Your Baby's First Valentine's Day (2024)

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24 Adorable Outfits For Your Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Dresses, overalls, cardigans, and all the accessories.

by Katie McPherson

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Do you have any special plans for celebrating your baby’s first Valentine’s Day? Whether you’ve got a full-on photoshoot in the works, a pink and red get-together to attend, or your only goal is to get some extra snuggles from your baby that day, it’s going to be a perfect way to spend a day all about love. So, for your baby’s first Valentine’s Day outfit, are you thinking fluffy sparkly dress, or festive sweats? There’s no wrong answer here.

If you want to set up a little DIY photoshoot at home — since your little one will be in an extra cute outfit and all — it doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy. Grab anything heart-shaped from around the house and hand it to your baby to play with while you snap pics. Swipe on your favorite red lip and smooch the little cutie all over from head to toe, and take some photos of the evidence. Or, you could spend the day doing some crafts to remember baby’s first Valentine’s Day, like stamping their feet in paint and then onto a canvas in a heart shape.

However you enjoy your time together on February 14 this year, you’re sure to love it — and your baby is going to look so cute doing it.


These on-trend checkered overalls

If you need a baby outfit that’s cute and comfy, then right this way, please. Hanna Andersson’s cotton jersey tee and French terry knit overalls are oh-so-soft and stretchy, which makes them perfect for snuggling up and getting your Xs and Os in at home. But this set is definitely cute enough for photos (and to be the star of the Valentine’s Day party at day care).


The most precious little dress

It’s fluffy and shiny and has pink and red — what more could you want in a first Valentine’s Day outfit, honestly? The dress’s top is constructed in a soft ribbed jersey fabric (with a cute keyhole back), and the tulle skirt is lined in jersey too, so it won’t itch your baby’s legs.


The cutest little cardigan ever

This heart cardi will be ooh-ed and ah-ed over every time you send a pic of your baby wearing it to someone, we guarantee it. It’s made with 100% soft-combed cotton, and available from newborn size up to a 4T (and youth sizes too).


These little knit romper overalls

Can’t you just see your baby’s chunky thighs sticking out of this little sweater romper situation? This shirt and overall set comes with everything you need to complete a little outfit, and would be so cute for a little DIY photoshoot at home.


A three-piece set that includes everything

Want a classic baby outfit that clearly spells out it’s their first Valentine’s Day? This little shirt, pants, and hat set are exactly what you need. Sometimes, soft, simple, and stretchy is all you need.


A gender-neutral outfit you’ll love

This monochromatic set from Mori would look great on a baby boy or girl, and it comes in sizes all the way up to 5-6 Years. There’s an alternate set with a blue top, if you want a little more variety in your color scheme.


This adorable dress with swans and bows

The swans? The bows? The ruffles?! It’s all too good. Pink Chicken’s dresses and diaper covers are fully lined for maximum comfort. If the swan pattern isn’t for you, definitely browse the rest of their selection — their V-Day baby dresses are some of the cutest out there this year.


Pink doodle hearts and flare leggings

Flared leggings (also known as yoga pants) are back, so this little ‘fit from Target is perfect for your baby It Girl. The ruffled cuffs add a sweet touch, and the ribbed, stretchy fabric will be comfy for newborns (pretty stationary) to crawlers and babies who are in motion.


A V-Day outfit for the cool kids

If you aren’t the frilly, hearts-and-ribbons-on-everything sort of parents, fear not. Rags’ Heart Skulls Retro Short Sleeve Kangaroo Romper has plenty of edgy attitude, while still being a little bit festive.


A velvet romper with little ruffled shoulders

The color of this baby romper is so rich and pretty. Pop it on solo or layer it over leggings if you live in a cooler climate. Ivy City Co. also carries matching looks for toddlers and Mom.


A vibrant Valentine’s Day sweatshirt

If you’re having a chill V-Day this year, or you want a casual outfit your baby can wear to run errands or hang at daycare, this brightly colored sweatshirt from Primary will do the trick.


A candy-red overall dress & bloomers

No time like Valentine’s Day to break out a bright red overall dress, you know? This little cutie from Dotty Dungaree’s is made of needlepoint cord and lined in cotton jersey, and they’re the perfect weight to wear in the winter over a long-sleeve tee and leggings. They’re also available in a pink and red heart print.


The perfect set for a cozy V-Day at home

A great option for baby boys or baby girls, this first Valentine’s Day outfit is one of the more affordable looks on the list (and it happens to be $10 off right now). You can’t go wrong with sweats, we say.


A train-themed first Valentine’s Day outfit

If you love the classic Southern look of gingham, a little round collar, and a bubble construction romper, Ann + Reeves should be your go-to for holiday attire. Their Love Train design for Valentine’s Day 2024 is just choo (choo) sweet.


This comfy festive long-sleeved tee

Similar vibes but a more casual ‘fit, this little rocket blasting out some hearts is a super cute V-Day outfit for baby boys. For $10, you can embroider your baby’s name underneath the rocket for a memorable touch.


A sweater jumpsuit to keep them warm

It’s been a chilly winter, and if Valentine’s Day is looking similarly icy where you live, this sweater romper from Monica + Andy is one of the warmest V-Day looks you’ll find. The 100% organic cotton knit is plenty warm, and the romper includes buttons at the inseam and shoulder for easy diaper changes. It comes in a second red gingham pattern, too.


This little number perfect for baby boys

Cecil & Lou’s gingham pant set includes these little balloon-legged bottoms that cinch at the ankles and a long-sleeved shirt. The gingham details on the collar and in the cars are so classic, and the little hearts coming from behind the cars are very subtly Valentines-y.


A turtleneck that comes in every color (including pink and red)

If you need a base layer to put on your baby underneath a cardigan or overalls or what have you, Leveret has cotton turtleneck bodysuits in every color of the rainbow. For Valentine’s Day specifically, they’ve got two shades of pink, a wine red, and a candy apple red to choose from.


The cutest shoes to ever exist, period

If you need a moment to collect yourself, it’s OK. These...these could very well be the cutest shoes to ever exist. These baby ballet flats come in teeny tiny 0-3 month sizes up to 18-24 months. No, no adult sizes, sorry to break your big red glittery heart.


These sweet little slip-ons

For the hip little babes who just need a casual V-Day shoe, these slip-on sneakers from Janie and Jack are the ones. They range in size from newborn up to 24 months, so even if your baby has bigger fit, you should be able to size up plenty.


A satin-lined headband to top it all off

Aarin & Co. makes their headwraps with Charmeuse satin to promote healthy hair for little ones, who spend a lot of time laying down on cotton and other fabrics that contribute to breakage and bald spots. They’ve got a few colors perfect for Valentine’s Day: this dusty pink, a deeper mauve, wine red, white, and a lavender purple.


A literal raspberry beret

If the idea of a baby wearing a fuzzy beret doesn’t give you cute aggression, nothing will. This one from Rylee + Cru comes in baby and kids’ sizes so your big and little kids can all match. Très chic!


A “Be Mine” bow

Do you love a sizable bow for your baby girl? This “Be Mine” sweetheart print from Caden Lane is sized to fit newborn noggins, but can stretch to fit at any age. If you love the print, you can order matching PJs to go with it.


Two precious pink and white bows

If you’re not a big headband bow person, maybe two smaller ones are more your speed. Petite Plume’s V-Day bows each measure 3 inches by 2.5 inches, and arrive ready to clip onto your baby’s hair (yes, they’ll need a couple strands for these).

However you dress your baby this year, be sure to snap all the photos you can. They’ll be your sweetheart forever, but they’re only this little once.

24 Perfect Outfits & Accessories For Your Baby's First Valentine's Day (2024)


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