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Clint Hopping

May 21, 1987 (age 34)
EducationTexas A&M University (BS, MA)
  • Rancher
  • Cowboy
  • Youtuber
  • Social Media Influencer
KnownforBull Riding, Comedy
Spouse(s)Macy Hopping (2014-present)
RelativesLeroy Gibbons (brother), Dancey Creel (sister)

Clint Hopping known as "Dale Brisby" (born May 21, 1987[1]) is a cowboy and rancher in Texas famous for his comedy on his Youtube channel[2] among other social media platforms. He runs Radiator Ranch in Winnebago, Texas which is a non-existent town[3]. He claims to be the world's best Bull riding, yet almost no videos can be found with him riding a bull. His Youtube channel has 61 million views as of October 2021[4]. Brisby is good friends with J. B. Mauney (world champion bull rider) and together starred in "How to Be a Cowboy"[5], a Netflix original series released on September 1 of 2021. Brisby's videos have featured Cody Johnson[6] (bull rider turned country singer) and Granger Smith[7] (country singer). Brisby was featured in the song "Cowboy Scale of 1 to 10" on the record Human: The Double Album by Cody Johnson. Brisby has built his brand around his famous phrases such as "It's Rodeo Time!", "Keeping it 90", "Ol' Son", "Pow Pow", "You Ain't No Cowboy", among many more all shown in his merchandise line[8].


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Early life

Born May 21, 1987[1], Brisby's real name is Clint Hopping[9][10][11]. Not much is known about Brisby's childhood or parents, however his father was a rancher and a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association[12]. Brisby has a younger brother named Leroy Gibbons who are often found ranching together in his videos. Brisby also has an older sister who appeared in the Netflix original series named Dancey Creel[12]. He graduated from Texas A&M in 2011 with a masters degree in Agriculture[9].



Brisby's first video on Youtube was in April, 2014, while he also joined Twitter[13] that same year. He is also prominent on Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram with almost 800k followers[14].


In effort to keep his privacy, Brisby claims that Radiator Ranch is in the made up town of Winnebago, Texas[3]. To make things more official, a city limit sign with a population of 17 is often seen in his videos. However, the general area of his ranch is pretty well known. According the 2019 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, he is located in Newcastle, Texas[1][15]. On his own website, Brisby advertises that his "Dalewarehouse" is now open in Newcastle[16]. Also, Brisby is often seen at the Graham Livestock sale barn in Graham, Texas, which is about 20 minutes southeast. A common phrase heard in his videos is "we're going to the Beaches at Winnebago", which is just a reference to Brisby's miniature rodeo arena where they buck bulls.


In the Netflix original series, Donnie Ray Daytona is said to be the first intern to become a full-time employee. Currently, the larger group of interns run their own vlog channel simply called "Rodeo Time"[17] featuring episodes called "Winnebago Weekly". Almost all of the interns got hired through social media as Brisby's internet presence is quite large. The interns seen most commonly on both channels are Jorden, Willie, Gabriel, Blyth, Kevin, Lisa.


Brisby prides himself as being a cowboy, but more importantly, as the world's best bull rider. In a comedy sketch video[18] setup as an interview, Brisby says, "I am the original ol' son. [...] I invented riding with one hand". Later he says, "I may even dip down and see what second place is like ol' son". The "interviewer" brings up the fact that no one has seen Brisby ride a bull, as well as him having no Pro Bull Stats, in which his response is that he is too humble to do so. Mystery seems to always surround Brisby as it can be difficult to distinguish between his character and his true self. Through all of his videos, it is safe to say he is just about always "in character".

Brisby is almost always seen wearing sunglasses and either a cowboy hat or a trucker cap.

Amateur Bull riding

According to Pro Bull Stats[19], Hopping has attempted 80 total rides on bulls, with only completing 8 of them. Most of his attempts came between 2009-2011. His career high score is an underwhelming 77 points. Although video evidence can't be found to show him riding bulls, two videos on Youtube actually do show his real self (Hopping, not his character Brisby) saddle bronc riding[20][21]. Hopping as also spent time as a professional bullfighter[1].


Part of Brisby's comedy routine is referencing the made up condition of "spurbrisbia" which is defined in a video published by Professional Bull Riders as "A condition that causes a bucking bull to lose his will to buck and fall into deep depression"[22].

Netflix Series

The Netflix original series "How to Be a Cowboy" was released in September of 2021[5]. It starred Dale, Leroy[23], Cheech[24], and Donnie[25] as the main characters and the only mentioned full-time employees on Radiator Ranch. J.B. Mauney made several appearances across the 6 episodes. The world renowned horseman Craig Cameron (horse trainer)[26] hosted on a competition on his ranch in episode 4. In the following episode, world famous rodeo clown Leon Coffee (2013 Texas Trail of Fame inductee)[27] made a guest appearance, along with world champion Bullfighter Cody Webster[28].

Personal life

Hopping is a Christian[29]. Hopping got married to Macy Jennings although their wedding date is not widely known[30]. They both met while in college at Texas A&M[30].

A mural of Brisby can be seen on the north side of the NPR radio building on South Polk Street in Amarillo, Texas. The mural was painted by Drew Merritt and completed in October 2021 for the local HooDoo Mural Festival.[31]

Brisby is an ambassador for Can-Am Off-Road vehicles[32]. He also as a partnership deal with Rock and Roll Denim (as also seen in the Netflix series)[33].


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