Delivery App | Grubhub For Drivers (2024)

The Grubhub for Drivers app makes it easy for you to enjoy the best of the Grubhub delivery experience, like getting paid quickly and creating your own delivery schedule.

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Ready to hit the road?

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The Driver app helps you succeed at every step of the delivery journey

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Before you start delivering

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Deliver whenever you want

As opposed to a usual part-time or full-time job, Grubhub gives you the flexibility to work when you want. Just toggle to Taking Offers in the Driver app to become available for receiving offers!

Create a delivery schedule that works for you

With Grubhub’s in-app block scheduling, you can select blocks of time when you’re available to deliver. Or, set your availability and we’ll create a delivery schedule based on the blocks you selected.

Pro tip:Grubhub uses block scheduling to help delivery partners maximize their time on the road, overseeing the number of drivers delivering at the same time in your market. Use block scheduling to secure time on the road!

Learn more about scheduling

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When you’re hitting the road

Find busy areas to deliver in

With Hotspots, you can see the busiest areas in your delivery market. Navigating to Hotspots in the Grubhub for Drivers app gives you more chances to accept offers that maximize your time and earnings.

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Earn extra cash with Missions

Boost your pay by completing Missions—exciting ways to earn extra cash by completing available challenges.* Choose from different types of Missions and track your progress in the Earnings tab of the app.

*All special offers are subject to specific markets and time periods.

View estimated mileage on all delivery offers

With estimated total mileage through the app, you can view the distance from your location to the customer—helping you to manage your time and accept the offers that fit into your schedule.

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Automatically accept offers

More deliveries, fewer distractions. Auto-Accept updates your queue automatically for a hassle-free, efficient, and safer driving experience. Now available in select regions.

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Unlock seamless access to gated spaced with Amazon Key

Amazon Key is a digital key that lets you use your phone to gain quick, easy access to enabled properties. It helps make deliveries easier and more convenient for you—and your customers, too!*Available in select markets

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When you're ready to get paid

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Cash out your earnings immediately with Grubhub Instant Cashout, and make every day payday.

Cash out your available earnings directly from the app into your bank account. Chase Bank customers can cash out whenever they want with zero Instant Cashout fees, and all other bank customers can cash out for a low transaction fee of $0.50.

You can also cash out your available earnings directly to your Mastercard or Visa debit card for a low transaction fee of $0.50.

Learn more about Grubhub driver pay

Ready to start delivering?

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Have more questions about the Grubhub driver app?

You can download the Grubhub for Drivers app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

The process of setting up an application profile with Grubhub takes just a few minutes. Once your application is complete and you pass the required background check, most approved delivery partners can be on the road in days!

Grubhub avoids having too many drivers on the road in order to foster a positive delivery driver experience. This means in some cases, an applicant may be put on the waitlist until space opens up in their market. No further action is needed of you; You will be contacted when there is availability in your area.

When you Accept an offer, the Grubhub for Drivers app will prompt you throughout the delivery process to signal to the merchant, customer, and Grubhub what stage the order is in. For example, when you are at the pick up location, tap the Arrived button on the app. When you have the order to deliver to the customer, press Leaving to signal that it’s on its way.

Yes! Scheduling blocks in the app can help you set yourself up for success as a delivery driver. You’ll get first access to orders, and you can start building your performance stats for your Program Level.

Finding the best delivery app that works for you depends on several factors. Grubhub is proud to make it simple to create a flexible delivery schedule, providing Hotspots in your area that can help you make more money and offering Missions that provide extra earning opportunities on the app. Additionally, driver safety is our top priority, led byGrubhub’s Driver Safety Council, and delivery partners gain access to special discounts for partnering with Grubhub .

Delivery App | Grubhub For Drivers (2024)


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