How to use Grubhub | Grubhub for Restaurants (2024)

In the bustling world of modern dining, Grubhub emerges not merely as a delivery service but as a strategic partner for growth. Grubhub empowers business to tap into best-in-class technology and tools that have been proven to reach new diners and grow businesses.

As the delivery landscape evolves, so has Grubhub, embracing new strategies to stay competitive. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop whipping up homemade delights or a bustling enterprise looking to expand your takeout game, Grubhub has your back. We’re not just a delivery service; we’re your partner in culinary conquests, helping you reach new customers and grow your business, one order at a time.

Stick around as we dish out all the juicy details on how Grubhub can help your business thrive. It’s time to spice up your strategy and savor the sweet taste of success with Grubhub.

Who does Grubhub serve?

Grubhub is more than just a restaurant delivery service. We support a variety of businesses looking to expand their takeout services and reach new customers.

Who does Grubhub serve?

  • Local restaurants
  • Flower shops
  • Bodegas
  • Convenience stores
  • Enterprise brands

Grubhub is equipped to help businesses grow at any phase of their journey. Grubhub provides data-backed insights into the most critical parts of your business, identifying opportunities to experiment and innovate. From small, family-run establishments to world-renowned brands, Grubhub helps restaurants stay ahead.

How businesses can use Grubhub

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to getting the most out of Grubhub. Each merchant has their own unique set of challenges and areas for growth. That’s why we offer a variety of solutions to fit your business’ needs.

Partnering with Grubhub is easy; it all starts with creating an account. Once you fill out the form on our site, you’ll go through the simple steps to get started. After that, the world is your oyster. Browse our offering to determine what tools can help your business succeed.

Here’s a look into how businesses use Grubhub:

Reach new customers

Grubhub is a great tool for expanding your business’ local reach. Modern diners go online to search for restaurant recommendations and browse menus. It’s essential to have an accessible online presence to capture this customer demand, and partnering with a third-party delivery service like Grubhub can make boosting your visibility simple.

Listing your restaurant on Grubhub Marketplace gives your restaurant instant access to thousands of hungry diners looking to order their next meal. The proof is in the pudding: Over 85% of independent restaurants agree that Grubhub increases the volume of takeout and delivery orders.

Once your restaurant is on Grubhub Marketplace, we’ve got materials to showcase your partnership so that diners know your restaurant offers delivery and pickup. Check out our Marketing Tool Kit that features messaging templates, downloadable assets, and social media posts you can use on your own channels.

Looking to take your social media presence to the next level? Grubhub partners can tap into our free social media templates that can be customized to showcase your dishes and match your brand. Use these templates to celebrate national food holidays and market directly to your customers.

Expand your off-premise operations

Growing a customer base is key to keeping your business running. When your restaurant only offers on-premise dining, the pool of customers you appeal to is limited by your proximity and dining experience. Partnering with Grubhub empowers businesses to expand their reach, tapping into Grubhub delivery to access new groups of customers who use third-party delivery to regularly order meals.

Adding delivery to your business plan is flexible with Grubhub, empowering merchants to adjust their off-premise strategy to keep up with demand. Businesses can select from three different delivery solutions to fit their needs:

  • Self-delivery allows restaurants to use their own staff or delivery fleet to deliver orders placed on Grubhub’s website and app. Restaurants can control delivery boundaries and how much customers pay for delivery.
  • Supplemental delivery allows self-delivery restaurants to expand their delivery boundaries with Grubhub’s drivers. Restaurants can use both their own drivers and Grubhub’s.
  • Grubhub Delivery puts the responsibility of delivering your dishes to customers on Grubhub. Our drivers will deliver to customers in your area so you don’t have to worry about creating your own delivery fleet, getting driver insurance and scheduling deliveries.

Grubhub support doesn’t stop when a business selects a delivery plan. Our Care team is here to help you resolve issues and strategize off-premise growth. Here are some ways Grubhub is here to help:

  • Grubhub Guarantee: If an order placed on our platform is not on time or offered at the best price, we will compensate diners with Grubhub Guarantee Perks, 100% funded by Grubhub. The Grubhub Guarantee has helped thousands of restaurants serve satisfied customers.
  • Customer Care: Our Customer Care team is available 24/7 to assist with order issues real-time.
  • Account support: Merchants are assigned account support that works with business to grow their presence on Grubhub, update delivery boundaries, resolve any issues, and talk through product updates.
  • Help Center articles: The Help Center provides resources on how to navigate Grubhub’s products and services.

Offer competitive deals and discounts

Grubhub makes it easy for merchants to run strategic promotions that entice customers and boost orders. Our promotions take the guesswork out of marketing by providing recommendations tailored specifically to your business. We run diner-facing promotion campaigns for holidays and cultural moments throughout the year that merchants can opt into, or they can create their own. Merchants can run promotions for dollars or percentage off an order, free items, repeat customers, and more.

Promotions can be geared towards attracting new customers with first-time ordering deals, or focused on retaining existing customers with loyalty perks. Offering exclusive deals motivates customers to order. The proof is in the pudding: Restaurants see a 26% increase in new customers on Grubhub per day when running promotions.*

Commission-free online ordering

Grubhub partners get access to Direct, a commission-free online ordering site that can integrate with your existing website to drive online ordering directly from your business. Direct includes all the tools restaurants need to take orders online like built-in digital order and food delivery tech, automatic online menu updates, promotion tools, and access to customer data.

Restaurants use Direct to increase their online presence. Direct can be branded to match your site so that diners have a cohesive experience from discovering your restaurant’s website to ordering a meal. Tapping into Direct is a great way to grow your digital footprint and reach more customers.

Streamline technology and operations

Grubhub helps restaurants streamline their ordering and fulfillment operations by supporting point-of-sale (POS) integration. Restaurants can increase efficiency by simplifying order throughput to a single system, combining all technology solutions to one simple interface. This means that you can manage your Grubhub menu on the same interface where you manage your menu and inventory.

Implementing POS integrations have allowed restaurants to increase efficiency, update multiple menus in real time, reduce clutter, and streamline employee training. Grubhub integrates with most popular POS and ordering solutions to make setup easy.

Grow your business with Grubhub

Tapping into third-party solutions like Grubhub is essential to keep up with industry trends. If your restaurant is looking for a fast, professional food delivery service, Grubhub is here to help. Not only will you get access to our driver fleet, but merchants that partner with Grubhub can also enjoy:

  • Free merchant welcome kit: A kit stocked with Grubhub marketing materials and instructions on how to start taking orders.
  • Technology that fits your needs: Ability to integrate with existing POS systems and devices to streamline operations.
  • Free photo shoot: Merchants can sign up for a free professional photoshoot to update menu photos.
  • Experience drivers: Grubhub drivers know the proper way to deliver food to your customers, including fast routes, communication, and meal packaging.

Over 80% of independent restaurants agree that Grubhub increases customer frequency. See how Grubhub can help your business thrive by signing up for Grubhub for Restaurants today.

*Data based on national averages [for local restaurants] running promotions in 2023. Actual results may vary.

How to use Grubhub | Grubhub for Restaurants (2024)


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