What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (2024)

Published: 31 May 2024

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (1)

This week on iPlayer (1-7 June) we witness a couple’s magical journey to adoption in new seriesLost Boys & Fairies andreflect on the highs and lows of the year which brought Wayne to fame in Rooney 2004: World At His Feet.

There are three new factual documentaries this week. We're following one of Glasgow’s most prolific scammers in Confessions of A Teenage Fraudster, experiencing one of history’s biggest seaborne invasions in D-Day: The Unheard Tapes and learning the deeply personal story of an innocent man failed by the criminal justice system in The Wrong Man: 17 Years Behind Bars.

Finally, we plunge into the latest discoveries which reveal more about the lives of those who built, sailed and died on one of the most powerfully armed warships of her time in Vasa: The Ghost Ship.

What's coming new to BBC iPlayer this week?

Lost Boys & Fairies

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (2)

Lost Boys & Fairies tells the fictional, tender, glittering story of Gabriel, a singer and artiste-extraordinaire at Cardiff’s queer club-space Neverland, his partner Andy and their journey to adoption. But Gabriel has a complex history and he will need to embark upon a journey of self-discovery before he can truly begin to parent 7-year old Jake.

Packed with songs, often used in surprising ways, Lost Boys & Fairies is a ‘coming of middle-age’ story, both bold and deeply heart-wrenching, filled to the brim with humour, redemption, and love.

Rooney 2004: World At His Feet

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (3)

Told first-hand, 20 years on, Wayne reflects on the highs and lows of Euro 2004 in Portugal, a tournament that saw 18-year-old Rooney catapult himself into international superstardom.

Loved instantly by England fans for his passion and ferocious will to win, Rooney shocked European football from the opening match against France, stunning the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry with his incredible performances.

But against hosts Portugal in the quarter-final disaster struck and Rooney was forced off with a broken foot after 27 minutes. Made to watch his team’s painful exit on penalties from a Portuguese hospital bed, Rooney was devastated as England’s chance of a first major trophy since 1966 ended in heartache.

Rooney 2004: World At His Feet is Wayne Rooney’s definitive coming of age story, told by the man himself.

Confessions of A Teenage Fraudster

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (4)

A cautionary tale of a Glasgow teenager who became one of the UK’s most prolific scammers starts with the beginning of his five-year crime spree.

Testimony from Elliot, officers and investigators who pursued him across the world, along with others who have encountered him throughout his life, is complemented with archive and visual effects, to explore not only how and why a Glasgow teenager became an international fraudster, but how he is now reflecting on his crimes.

D-Day: The Unheard Tapes

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (5)

The D-Day invasion hangs in the balance, as soldiers battle on the beaches of Normandy.

Hundreds of thousands of Allied troops land on five beaches along the Normandy coast. Powerful interviews with those who were there lead us through their story of the invasion as it unfolds. American soldiers on Omaha face a blood bath, while Royal Marine commandos encounter chaos at Sword Beach. As night draws in, troops finally make it off the sand, but the threats ahead are even greater.

The Wrong Man: 17 Years Behind Bars

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (6)

This one hour documentary for BBC Two and iPlayer tells the story of Andrew Malkinson and the devastating effect of the years he spent in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

With exclusive access to Andrew, his family and his legal team, this powerful film tells the extraordinary story of his fight to prove his innocence, from the moment of his arrest to his exoneration at the Court of Appeal twenty years later. Filmed over three years, from the day he walks out of prison, Directors Jemma Gander and Fran Robertson follow Andrew and his legal team as they take on the criminal justice system to overturn his conviction.

Vasa: The Ghost Ship

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (7)

The Vasa, one of the most majestic galleons ever to put to sea, sank 18 minutes after leaving Stockholm harbour on her maiden voyage in 1628. The loss of the Vasa was a major setback for Sweden’s ambitions to become a power in the Baltic during a turbulent period of European history. Three centuries later, in 1961, the wreck of the Vasa was raised. Remarkably well preserved by the mud and water in the Baltic Sea, she is a 17th Century time machine.

Following the work of archaeologists, divers and historians, Vasa: The Ghost Ship plunges into Stockholm harbour to make new discoveries and reveal more about the lives of those who built, sailed and died on one of the most powerfully armed warships of her time.

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer now?

The Outlaws

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (8)

With crime boss The Dean behind bars, The Outlaws are moving on with their lives - but Rani’s shock return and the discovery of a dead body sends them hurtling back into mortal danger.

Radio 1’s Big Weekend

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (9)

Radio 1 is taking over Stockwood Park in Luton. If you're not going to be there, don't worry because you can keep up with the party right from the comfort of your home, with performances from the likes of Coldplay, Charli XCX and Raye.

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

Reluctant globetrotter Romesh gives up the five-star treatment and travels way beyond his comfort zone to some of the world's most unlikely holiday destinations. In the new series Romesh travels to Uganda, Rwanda and Madagascar to find out what each place has to offer.

Clive Myrie’s Caribbean Adventure

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (11)

From the vibrant streets of Cuba to the beautiful beaches of Barbados, Clive explores his family roots - and celebrates the energy, creativity and joy of a place close to paradise.

He begins by heading east towards the wild beauty of Jamaica’s longest mountain range, and catches up with his sister, Judith, who has recently moved from the UK to live on the island.

The Famous Five

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (12)

It’s late August 1939 and George comes across the Great Supremo who is on the run from malevolent pursuers. She manages to convince her cousins that they should protect him and the Five hide him in their den where he tells them about a powerful treasure he guards, the Eye of the Sunrise.

But the Five’s promise proves impossible to keep as Dr Rosamund Graves and her burly assistant Bradley arrive from the local psychiatric institute to take Supremo away. He’s not just a magician, he’s a psychiatric patient. Can the Five trust anything he says?

Phoenix Rise

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (13)

The coming of age drama returns for a third series, following a group of misfits who form an unbreakable bond as they navigate the trials and tribulations of school life in the Midlands. Day one of a new school year and our misfit heroes are in huge trouble before home time. Will they get through it or will newcomers, Caleb, Faith and Matteo, tear the group apart? Meanwhile, inspirational new music teacher Miss Meehan (Fleur East) spurs Rani’s musical ambitions to new heights.

The Great British Sewing Bee

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (14)

Kiell Smith-Bynoe welcomes the 12 sewers to the sewing room as we kick off the tenth series celebrating Sewing turning ten. In the first week, judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young task the new sewers with challenges inspired by the very first set in our first series.

For their first Pattern Challenge, it’s a denim A-line midiskirt. For the 90-minute Transformation Challenge, rather than altering the neckline of a T-shirt, they have to transform it into a completely new garment. Finally, in the Made-to-Measure, the sewers meet their models for the first time to make their interpretation of a casual day dress.

Who will impress the judges and win Garment of the Week, and whose hopes of staying in the competition won’t last beyond week one?

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (15)

Beautiful blooms, dazzling designs and prize winning plants. Gardeners go for gold at the world's most famous flower show from the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Coverage begins with Nicki Chapman and Angellica Bell showing us the glitz and glamour of opening day of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024. They’re joined by a team of gardening experts, including Carol Klein who'll be showing us how to recreate the latest look for a colourful summer border, Toby Buckland who’ll be helping us solve some of our most common garden design dilemmas, and James Wong who’ll have the ultimate beginner’s guide to buying, styling and caring for houseplants.

Cold Case Investigators: Solving Britain’s Sex Crimes

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (16)

For the last seven years Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire’s Major Crime Unit has thrown its weight behind a pioneering forensic and investigative project - to look once again at 5,400 unsolved rape and sexual assault cases from the last 50 years.

By harnessing the power of modern DNA techniques, this group of detectives has been achieving what was previously impossible – identifying perpetrators and delivering justice for victims whose crimes happened years ago. They have achieved great success, with the team winning 90% of the cases it has taken to court, proving that there is no timescale on justice.

In this first episode, a team of detectives try to find those responsible for the kidnap and sexual assault of two schoolgirls, and the rape of a teenage boy.

Can they use modern DNA techniques to catch the perpetrators?

Burning Sun

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (17)

The documentary by the award-winning and critically-acclaimed BBC Eye investigations team tells the story of two female Korean journalists who took on the task of investigating sex scandals involving prominent K-pop stars – and paid a high personal price.

In South Korea, K-pop stars have fame, fortune and millions of female fans. But some led a double life, inhabiting a hidden world where videos of unconscious women being raped and humiliated were shared.

Korean journalist Kang Kyung-yoon and fellow-journalist Park tell the story of their investigation and how they became the targets for exposing the stars.

Doctor Who

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (18)

From “space babies” to the Beatles, come along with the Doctor across time and space in the new series of Doctor Who.

The new era begins with Ruby Sunday learning the Doctor’s amazing secrets when he takes her to the far future. There, they find a baby farm run by babies. But can they be saved from the terrifying bogeyman? Starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson.


What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (19)

What makes Kylian Mbappe so special? From tough Paris suburbs to the pinnacle of football, this exploration of Mbappe’s generational talent uncovers the influences and opportunities that led him to become one of the best players in the world, and a cultural icon.

Fascinating insight from former French legends Thierry Henry and Hugo Lloris, current manager Didier Deschamps and former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger bring to life both Mbappe’s career-changing struggles and his phenomenal successes.

Tokyo Vice

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (20)

In the neon-soaked underbelly of Tokyo, a US journalist dares to break open the violent world of the yakuza. But to get the story, there's always a cost. Slick, stylish drama.

The new series begins as Tozawa has escaped justice, and Polina has still not been found. Jake and Katagiri have received a videotape with damning evidence about what happened. As Sato battles for his life in intensive care, Samantha is trying to look to the future by opening a club of her own.

Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (21)

In this entertaining new BBC Arts series, Rob Rinder and Rylan are setting off on the original package holiday – the Grand Tour. The two are good friends but couldn’t be more different when it comes to culture - Rob is a fan of opera and poetry, but Rylan admits he’s a newcomer in this world.

The Grand Tour was a cultural odyssey designed to turn young upper-class Brits into civilised, educated gentlemen. So will it have the same effect on Rob and Rylan?


What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (22)

Crime drama Rebus - a new adaptation of the international best-selling Inspector Rebus novels by award-winning author Ian Rankin – returns starring Richard Rankin in the title role. Set in Edinburgh, the six-part series reimagines John Rebus as a younger Detective Sergeant drawn into a violent criminal conflict that turns personal when his brother Michael, a former soldier, crosses the line into criminality. Rebus finds himself torn between protecting his brother and enforcing the law to bring Michael to justice. This epic series explores family, morality and class through an emotionally-charged story, set against the Scottish landmarks that Rankin’s readers know so well.

The Responder

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (23)

Police thriller, starring Martin Freeman as Chris Carson, a crisis-stricken, morally compromised, unconventional urgent response officer on the beat in relentless night-time Liverpool. In the new series Chris is trying to get better and go straight, but when DCI Barnes tricks him into doing a dodgy car stop, he is drawn into a drug war between two of Liverpool’s top dealers.


What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (24)

After impressing a slick lawyer with his razor sharp mind, a college dropout scores a coveted associate job, even though he has no legal credentials. Two lawyers, one degree - they've everything to gain and even more to lose. Smart, sexy and stylish - the hit US legal drama with Gabriel Macht, Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle.

I Kissed a Girl

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (25)

Hot queer girl summer is here! The iconic Dannii Minogue is back to play Cupid - and this time, it's for girls who like girls. With a never-before-seen cast, gripping love stories, sizzling drama, jaw-dropping outfits, and a shiny new Italian Masseria (if you don’t know that 'masseria' means 'fancy farm house' by now, where have you been?) - this is the party you don’t want to miss.

The Young Offenders

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (26)

Set in Cork, Ireland and created by Peter Foott, The Young Offenders tells the adventures of loveable rogues Conor (Alex Murphy) and Jock (Chris Walley) and their mother/guardian Mairead (Hilary Rose) as she tried to keep them on the straight and narrow. In the new series Conor and Jock have grown older, but not any wiser. A madcap trip sees them on the wrong side of the law as they’re given a free holiday to Colombia from a Spanish-speaking fella.


What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (27)

One desperate week, two dangerous lives. In 1980s Romania, Victor Godeanu is the right-hand man and most trusted advisor to Romanian President Nicolae Ceaușescu. With his government poised to uncover that he’s a secret agent for the Soviets, Godeanu uses a diplomatic trip to Germany as a springboard to defect to the United States.

Helped by undercover Stasi agent Ingrid Von Weizendorff and up-and-coming CIA agent Frank Jackson, Godeanu must elude the KGB and his own country’s spooks – all while his wife and daughter face the fallout back home. Tense Cold War thriller.

Marcus Wareing’s Simply Provence

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (28)

Marcus Wareing is in Provence discovering the secrets of simple French food. Cooking delicious dishes, enjoying friendly rivalries & sharing tips to help create a taste of Provence.

Secrets & Spies: A Nuclear Game

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (29)

Betray your country, save the world. In the early 1980s when the Cold War is reaching its dramatic climax, this tells the hidden story of the real life spies and traitors embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse, risking everything to ensure their own side gains the upper hand in this cutthroat battle for world domination.


What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (30)

Drama telling the true story of America's struggle with opioid addiction, from the boardrooms of Purdue Pharma, to a distressed Virginia mining community, to the hallways of the DEA. Featuring a star cast, including Michael Keaton, Rosario Dawson, Peter Sarsgaard, and Will Poulter.

Granite Harbour

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (31)

Davis is back. He’s decided to stay in Aberdeen and continue with his traineeship at the MIT team. One small problem – his estranged father, Grantley, has decided it’s a good time to visit, and he’s got an agenda of his own.

The MIT team have their work cut out when ‘reformed’ drug kingpin, Grace McFadden’s notorious fixer, Lucas Galloway, turns up dead, a new cocaine and ketamine compound is flooding the streets, and there’s suspicion that there might be an impending turf war. To complicate things, Davis has to investigate the case of an unknown pregnant shoplifting stowaway, Mariam, who in the act of being charged has claimed that her partner has been killed on their journey across the sea.

Scotland's Home of the Year

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (32)

The search is on for Scotland's Home of the Year 2024. Interior designers Anna Campbell-Jones and Banjo Beale are joined by architect Danny Campbell as they travel the country in search of Scotland's best homes.

Ibiza: Secrets of the Party Island

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (33)

Zara McDermott heads to Ibiza to discover how it all works from the inside. With unprecedented access and a rich cast of characters, including people at luxury clubs, yachts and villas, as well as police, undercover detectives and emergency medics, Zara is seeking to understand the Ibiza phenomenon and how the island is changing as it looks to attract a more upmarket clientele.

GOOD starring David Tennant

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (34)

David Tennant makes a much-anticipated return to the West End in a blistering reimagining of CP Taylor’s renowned and powerful political play, filmed on stage by the National Theatre during its sell-out run.

Professor John Halder is a 'good' man. But 'good' men must adapt to survive. As the world faces its second world war, the intelligent and music-loving German professor finds himself pulled into a movement with unthinkable consequences.

Olivier Award winner Dominic Cooke directs British playwright CP Taylor’s chilling tale, with a cast that also features Elliot Levey and Sharon Small.

Blue Lights

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (35)

Grace, Annie and Tommy are growing up fast as police officers, but nothing can prepare them for the turmoil they face every day. It’s a year since the fall of the McIntyre crime gang and the vacuum has been filled by rival gangs, all competing for dominance.

As a young loyalist threatens to take over the city, the officers face a major gangland feud – culminating in a violent and devastating confrontation.


What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (36)

New comedy set and filmed in Glasgow, about Nina, an autistic woman in her 30s, who was happy in her world, but when her best friend and sister Evie delivers some news, she realises everything is going to change. However, this isn’t the only change coming Nina’s way.


What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (37)

New comedy starring Mike Bubbins. PE teacher Tony Mammoth, presumed dead in an avalanche in 1979, is miraculously brought back to life in the present day. He’s got his old job back, and he determined he’ll approach it the same way as in the 1970s, including parents' evening. Along the way, he finds out he has a lot more in common with a pupil’s mum than he thought.

Race Across the World

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (38)

The much-loved and hugely successful Bafta-winning series Race Across the World returns.

Five teams of intrepid Brits will battle it out in a breath-taking 15,000 kilometres race across Eastern Asia through some of the world’s most populous regions and some of its most unexplored. The teams will race from northernmost Japan; crossing six seas and eight borders, skirting the path of the volcanic ring of fire - the most geologically unstable region on the planet to reach the finish line in Lombok, an idyllic Indonesian island paradise.

Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make Up Star

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (39)

Get ready to be dazzled as Glow Up returns, hosted by the fabulous Leomie Anderson.

Each week, eight of the most talented aspiring make-up artists will be judged on their creativity and ability to thrive under pressure, in intense Professional Assignments, from pop star led social campaigns to global gaming body painting, West End theatre looks to mastering gory TV special effects. The stakes have never been higher in the world of make-up artistry.

The MUAs compete to be crowned Britain's Next Make-Up Star, and for a career changing prize – assisting some of the best MUAs in the world.

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What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer? (2024)


What's good on BBC iPlayer at the moment? ›

  • Dopesick. 2021. Drama. Summary: ...
  • The Gone. 2023. Drama. Crime/detective. ...
  • The Way. 2024. Drama. Crime/detective. ...
  • Boarders. 2024. Drama. Summary: ...
  • Kin. 2021. Drama. ...
  • Boat Story. 2023. Drama. ...
  • Silent Witness. Why watch Silent Witness?: Silent Witness is one of the longest-running police procedurals in the UK, and for good reason. ...
  • Vigil. 2021. Drama.
May 24, 2024

What is hot on iPlayer? ›

Most Popular
  • EastEnders.
  • Race Across the World.
  • Lost Boys and Fairies.
  • The Great British Sewing Bee.
  • Doctor Who.
  • D-Day: The Unheard Tapes.
  • Rebus.
  • I Kissed a Girl.

What's on iPlayer now? ›

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral.
  • Spider-Man: Far from Home.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet.
  • Bones and All.
  • Memento.
  • Tenet.

What is better on BBC iPlayer? ›

Better is a British crime drama television drama series, created and written by Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent, about a corrupt police officer who attempts to turn her life around, only for it to get much worse.

What to watch right now in the UK? ›

  • Buying London. The Kardashians. Love Island.
  • Bridgerton. Eric. Geek Girl.
  • The Outlaws. Outnumbered. We Are Lady Parts.
5 days ago

Are there any good films on BBC iPlayer? ›

BBC iPlayer has the rights to a bunch of classics from old Hollywood studio RKO, including Citizen Kane (1941), King Kong (1933), Suspicion (1941), The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) and Top Hat (1935).

What is the difference between BBC player and BBC iPlayer? ›

BBC iPlayer is the BBC's streaming catch-up television and radio service that is only available in the UK. The service is funded by UK license fee payers and is not legally available outside the UK. BBC Player is an authenticated service currently available in Singapore, Malaysia, India.

What's worth watching on Amazon Prime UK? ›

Best TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video UK
  • Clarkson's Farm. 2021. Documentary and factual. Drama. ...
  • The Good Doctor. 2017. Drama. Summary: ...
  • 2024. Sport. Documentary and factual. Summary: ...
  • Hacks. 2021. Drama. Summary: ...
  • Outer Range. 2022. Mystery. ...
  • Fallout. 2024. Action. ...
  • Invincible. 2021. Action. ...
  • The Man in the High Castle. 2015. Thriller.
5 days ago

What is the new BBC drama starting in 2024 series? ›

There's high-stakes action in thrillers like Red Eye, Black Doves and Nightsleeper, and you can transport yourself back in time to discover the lives of a notorious eighties jewel thief in Joan, sinister Jacobean power play in Mary and George, or Tudor-set murder mystery Shardlake.

What has happened to BBC iPlayer? ›

In February 2024, the BBC announced they would be closing the iPlayer Downloads application - ending downloads for users on desktop or laptop computers. Programmes would still be available for streaming or download on tablets or phones.

How to watch BBC iPlayer in USA? ›

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use BBC iPlayer in the US
  1. Sign up and Download PureVPN on your device.
  2. Launch PureVPN app and log in with your credentials.
  3. Select UK server and connect.
  4. Once connected, visit BBC iPlayer website or launch the app.
  5. Now you can stream BBC iPlayer in USA for free.
May 6, 2024

Is BBC iPlayer worth it? ›

Put simply, BBC iPlayer is the UK's best catch-up TV service. Even without considering all the live broadcast TV and radio the corporation provides across many channels, iPlayer is almost worth the licence fee on its own.

Are there any good series on BBC iPlayer? ›

When it comes to police dramas, Line of Duty is one of the best out there – and certainly one of the best shows on BBC iPlayer. Created by Jed Mercurio, the show delves into the gritty world of corruption and internal affairs within the police force.

What replaced BBC iPlayer? ›

The BBC Sounds website replaced the iPlayer Radio service for UK users in October 2018. An initial beta version of the BBC Sounds app was launched in June 2018, with both the new app and the iPlayer Radio app supported until September 2019, when the iPlayer Radio app was finally decommissioned in the UK.

What is the new BBC drama Better about? ›

A corrupt copper and a Leeds gangster are bound together by decades of dishonesty. To break the ties, there's only one way out.

What to watch on catch-up this week? ›

Top 10 on catch-up: What's on-demand this week?
  • Bridgerton: Season 3, Part 1. ...
  • Doctor Who: Season One. ...
  • Abbott Elementary: Season 3, Part 1. ...
  • Inside No 9: Season 9. ...
  • The Piano: Season 2. ...
  • The Responder: Season 2. ...
  • The Gathering. ...
  • Baby Reindeer.

What is the new Irish drama on BBC iPlayer? ›

The acclaimed Irish crime drama Kin is now available in its entirety over on BBC iPlayer. Featuring Daredevil: Born Again's Charlie Cox and Game of Thrones' Aidan Gillen, Kin is set in Dublin and tells the story of the Kinsellas, a fictional crime family.


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