Who Is Dale Brisby? Ultimate Guide: Age, History, Real Name & More (2024)

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Dale Brisby, a name synonymous with the world of rodeo, is much more than just a cowboy. Known for his vivacious personality and love for the sport, Brisby has become a cultural phenomenon transcending the rodeo scene.

As a rodeo athlete, social media star, and television personality, Brisby has captured the hearts of countless fans worldwide with his unique blend of humor, authentic cowboy lifestyle, and unshakeable passion for rodeo.

This article delves into the life and career of Dale Brisby, tracing his journey from a young boy with a dream to becoming an emblem of modern cowboy culture.

Join us as we explore the man behind the cowboy hat, the myth, and the legend – Dale Brisby.

Who is Dale Brisby?

Dale Brisby is a rancher, bull rider, social media influencer, and star of How to Be a Cowboy. Dale Brisby is a pseudonym and his real name is Clint Hopping. He was born in Texas, his exact age and birthday is unknown, but he is believed to be in his mid-30s or 40s.

While not much is known about Brisby’s childhood, his father was also a rancher and a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. He has a younger brother, Leroy Gibbons, and an older sister, Dancey Creel who have both made appearances in his YouTube videos.

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Brisby has seen moderate success competing on the rodeo circuit in bull riding. He got his start in rodeo riding sheep at a young age. From there, he moved up riding steers and bulls, before competing in college rodeo.

Brisby is now the ranch manager of Radiator Ranch, which is home to horses, cattle, and other ranch animals.

Along with the ranch, he also runs a successful YouTube channel as well where he posts humorous content of his ranch, rodeos, skits, and podcasts.

Despite his growing popularity on social media, Brisby says his true love remains the outdoors and rodeo.

What is Dale Brisby’s Net Worth?

Dale Brisby has an estimated net worth of around $1 million, though its possibly quite higher. His income comes from his ranch, YouTube channel, merchandise, TV series, and bull riding.

Dale Brisby has a large social media following on YouTube and Instagram. He has over 1,000 videos on YouTube and over 4,800 posts on Instagram.

Brisby’s YouTube channel, DaleBrisbyBullRider, has 501K subscribers and his Instagram has 980K followers. While most of his posts are comedic in nature, he does aim to educate others about the authentic cowboy lifestyle.

“Whenever I get together with my cameraman, Randy Quartieri, and Leroy Gibbons, we’re like a bunch of little kids giggling and building a tree house. It’s just fun. And that’s how life should be! Especially if you’re a cowboy, and especially if you’re a Christian. I want to live my life through social media in a way that people see that,” said Brisby to Rodeo News.

He Has His Own Line of Merchandise

Dale Brisby has his own line of merchandise known as Dale Brisby’s Rodeo Time. His merchandise includes T-shirts, caps, hoodies, patches, decals, and coffee mugs that feature his face and famous catchphrases.

Brisby’s merchandise is available through his online store. In addition, his warehouse in Newcastle, Texas is open to shoppers.

He Had a Cameo in Yellowstone

The neo-Western drama Yellowstone has seen many notable guest appearances over the years. Many fans were ecstatic when Dale Brisby appeared in Yellowstone.

In the Yellowstone season 5 episode “A Knife and No Coin” Dale Brisby made a cameo appearance. Though Brisby did not have a speaking part, he was able to show off some of his roping skills.

Brisby appeared as a cowboy in the background of 6666 Ranch when Jimmy and several other important characters were having a conversation. Though his cameo was brief, it was enough to excite his fans.

“I’m like the star of the show. It’s what everybody’s talking about this morning. Don’t worry, I’m not going to let it get to my head,” said Brisby on social media in regard to his Yellowstone appearance.

Who Is Dale Brisby’s Wife?

Dale Brisby is reported to be married to Macy Hopping. The couple have been married since 2014. Unlike Dalle, Macy likes to remain private. Though unconfirmed, it is believed the pair met while studying at Texas A&M University.

Brisby did once reveal that he dated Miss Rodeo California, Kadee Coffman. According to the internet star, the relationship did not last and Coffman showed up to their first date wearing her Miss Rodeo California sash. However, Coffman has not made any comments about her supposed relationship with Brisby.

Dale Brisby also joked about dating barrel racing sensation Fallon Taylor. Though they have worked together professionally, they have never been romantically involved.

Where is Radiator Ranch?

According to the series How to Be a Cowboy, Radiator Ranch is located in Winnebago, Texas. However, Winnebago is not a real town in Texas.

The actual location of Radiator Ranch has not been revealed, likely due to privacy reasons so Brisby’s fans don’t show up to the ranch unannounced.

The business address for Winnebago Rodeo Company, which is associated with the ranch, is located at 308 Lubbock Street in Newcastle, Texas. Newcastle is a small town in northern Texas located in Young County.

Where Can You Watch How to Be a Cowboy?

How to Be a Cowboy is available to watch on Netflix. Released in 2021, the series features six episodes that range in time from 20-26 minutes in length.

How to Be a Cowboy follows Dale Brisby as he keeps the cowboy lifestyle alive using comedy, social media, and tradition. Brisby teaches his cowboy ways in hopes to keep the ranching and rodeo lifestylethriving.

While many fans are hoping for a second season of How to Be a Cowboy, there is no official confirmation that the show will be receiving a second season.

Who Is Dale Brisby? Ultimate Guide: Age, History, Real Name & More (2024)


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